Critical thinking writing

Critical thinking writing constitutes a major part of the curriculum. Sometimes an assignment cannot be solely about critical thinking but still the knowledge of critical thinking is applicable. Critical thinking knowledge is needed to successfully analyze information sources, make correct assumptions take informed decisions and efficiently work with the information.

Important features of a good critical thinking writing include the following:

  • Refusal to accept the conclusions of the author unless they are backed by evidence, statistics or sound and logical reasoning. In other words, you doubt everything you read and consider everything that isn’t supported by facts to be false or at least unreliable.
  • • Ability to clearly present the reasons why conclusions and arguments of another author or authors should be accepted or rejected. In other words, you should show the line of reasoning behind your evaluation of the written work in questions.
  • • Presentation of your own arguments and conclusions that shows that your line of reasoning is feasible.
  • • Understanding that your own conclusions, evidence and arguments have limitations.

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